Best Hearing Aids for Veterans [Expert Choice]

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Best Hearing Aids for Veterans [Expert Choice]

Hearing problems happen to be two of the most common health issues that the Veteran Affairs (VA) helps our veterans through VA hearing aids and other benefits. The stats revealed by the VA are also pretty startling. They say that hearing loss affects more than about 28 million US citizens. This alarming number also shows the statistic that about half of those over 75 years old have hearing loss. 

Hearing problems, including ailments such as tinnitus (a type of ringing in the ears that comes from the head), are the primary cause of disability among those who served this country and are now veterans. But hearing aids for veterans can improve the quality of life for their remaining days.

According to the information provided by the VA, some of the other significant things that you need to know about hearing loss and veterans are the following. 

  • Almost everyone who is dealing with hearing loss can be helped a lot if they use hearing aids. The sad part is that only one in 5 people who could benefit from hearing aids are aware of them. 
  • More than 933,000 US veterans are receiving a type of disability allowance for some form of hearing loss. 
  • Many veterans score pretty typically when they undergo hearing tests, but they still have difficulty comprehending speech. This is known as auditory processing disorder. 
  • The loud noises that veterans are exposed to do not only refer to blasts but also from aircraft and gunfire. 
  • If a veteran gets a traumatic brain injury, it will be challenging for them to comprehend speech in noisy environments. 
    Veteran With Hearing Aids

                                                               Veteran Wearing Hearing Aids

The main takeaway we want you to get from this article is that hearing aids can go a long way in helping veterans lead their everyday. So let us now take a look at the five best hearing aids for veterans in 2021 currently available in the market.

Nano X2R

This is easily one of the best hearing aid devices that are available in the market today. These also have rechargeable batteries, and they also come equipped with awe-inspiring noise-canceling capabilities. They also have Bluetooth connectivity. On top of all that, these hearing devices are also discreet, and they are almost nearly impossible to spot when someone is wearing them. Another great benefit of using these devices is that they are very user-friendly and fully equipped with two separate directional microphones. These will also work very well for veterans and for really anyone who is experiencing hearing problems. 


Nano X2R


                                                             To purchase, click on the image

Oticon Opn 1

This particular hearing aid device is easily one of the most advanced and one of the best hearing aid devices out there in the market today. These devices are exquisite, and they are also pretty discreet (a very appreciated feature). They are also available in a wide range of colors, which means that you can quickly get one that will match your skin tone. One of the most prominent features of this particular device is its ability to improve speech comprehension, even in very loud and noisy environments. This means that you will not have to work too hard to hear. This means your cognitive faculties will remain intact for you to use as you deem fit. 

Widex Beyond

You will be able to truly enjoy your life to the fullest with these hearing aid devices. This device is known for being able to deliver high-quality sound. The environment you are in will not be a factor in understanding the sounds in it. This is because this device can optimize the sound you hear based on your immediate surroundings. They are made to be used regardless of the environment you are in. They work well in all sorts of situations. On top of the excellent sound quality, these hearing aids also have the Smart wind Manager. This is easily the best noise reduction algorithm that is available in the industry today. The annoying sounds of the wind will be reduced by this device quite dramatically, and speech comprehension will also be significantly improved. These devices are also able to last a lot longer than other hearing aids that have similar features. These devices also have all the connectivity options that you would expect from a device of this category.  

Resound Linx

These are some of the most sought-after, high-tech, and advanced hearing aids available in the market today. The app that comes with the device will also significantly help you better hear and better comprehend speech. The way these devices can adjust to different environments is also impressive and will help veterans adjust to their life with hearing loss. 

Widex Dream

The second Widex model in our list is their Dream line of hearing aids. These can also work very well for veterans who have hearing loss. These devices have a very modern and stylish feel to them. One of the probable causes of this is that these devices are about 20 percent smaller than regular Behind-the-ear hearing aids. As a result, this device is excellent at giving you the full spectrum of the essential sounds in your environment. 

Hearing Aids


Our veterans are people who have put their lives on the line for us and this country. Unfortunately, in their actions, one of the sacrifices they often have to make is their hearing ability. However, even if they do get hearing loss, it does not mean that they will not hear anymore. As we have discussed in this article, hearing aids for veterans can help overcome this particular difficulty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a free hearing aid from the VA?

Ans: By qualifying for VA health benefits you can obtain free or low cost hearing aids. However, the process is quite lengthy and complex. Thus you can choose Nano hearing aids at affordable prices that do not compromise with quality.

Q. What percent of hearing loss qualifies for VA disability?

Ans: Well, the answer to this question is not straightforward, unfortunately. Please have a look at the website of HCE: Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence website for a clear understanding.


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